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Counselling & Caring for over 30 years

About Me

Hello. My name is Declan Brady. I have been a counselling professional since 2010. Futhermore, I have spent 35 years in various caring professions as a priest, teacher and social worker. I provide a confidential counselling and psychotherapy service, in person or online, that combines warmth and compassion with expertise. Your problems and dreams will be listened to sensitively and without judgement.


I trained as an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist. This means I offer a variety of different counselling and life coaching services tailoring them to what is most appropriate for you. I do have a magic wand to make things better. What I can do is be with you, as we explore together your problems and hopes for the future. I help others to find healing and wisdom within themselves and to nurture the courage to be their true selves. I believe that you are the expert about you, about what’s best for you.


The issues I deal with are many and varied. They range from anxiety and panic attacks to depression and relationship problems. The common theme that I find is that something is no longer working for my clients in their lives. Sometimes they are very specific and can point to relationship problems, for example with partners or children. Sometimes they are not able to be specific and arrive with a general feeling of unease and that “something is not right”.


I also offer a life coaching service for those who wish to clarify their life goals. Once the life goals are clarified, I 'coach' the client to decide and make specific concrete actions towars these goals.


Either as a counsellor/pychotherapist or life coach, I can help wherever you find yourself.

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