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Understanding, Healing & Growth

I use a wide range of different therapies in person and online. I adapt different techniques according to the needs of each client,particularly Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychotherapy and  Life Coaching. These therapies will help you to understand yourself better, develop different perspectives, clarify your goals and gather the strength to achieve them.

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Short term and focused on the client finding their own solutions

Brief Solution Focused Therapy

This is a very affirming method which is in some ways like CBT counselling. Clients discover their strengths and achievements and uses them to formulate for themselves specific solutions to their problems. Counselling lasts between 1 and 8 sessions.


Short term and the counsellor advises specific actions

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT has proven to be very successful in tackling specific problems like certain phobias and anxieities. The counsellor guides the client to put into practice specific new ways of thinking (cognitive) and acting (behavioural) in their lives. 3 to 10 sessions is the usual lenght of this method


Long term exploration of deeper personal issues


For those who wish to explore deeper into the roots of their personal 'psyche' or soul in order to get to know themselves in a fuller more meaningful way. Therapy lasts at least 6 sessions with some choosing to attend therapy for a longer period.

Bridge Over River

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Life Coaching

Using a solution focused approach, I help clients to take control of their lives, discovering their true life goals and gathering the resolve and resources to embrace the challenge of realising their dreams. Coaching can last from 1 to 20 sessions.

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